Let me give you another view of “crabs in a barrel” syndrome.  Crabs in a barrel are not in their natural habitat; they are in an unnatural state of existence.  Their concern is how did I get here and how do I get back to my natural environment or state of being.  The human being can be the same as the crab feeling themselves outside of their natural state of being.  They are outside of the spiritual environment; experiencing spiritual amnesia.

Barrel living means living in confusion and chaos.  We claw and scratch through life trying to achieve job, money, relationships, a home, a car or whatever everyone else has whether we need it or not.

To come out of the barrel…

Accept yourself as you are

Learn more about self-improvement

Accept others as they are

Strive to be and do better today than yesterday

Crabs in a barrel always have an opportunity to come out of the barrel, not by clawing on a brother or sister, rather by becoming a human ladder of support.

                                                Taken in part from “god chronicles…the collection