When my son was 4 years old, he overheard me say “Damn bugs” after I saw a roach.  I had no idea that he was paying attention to what I said.  My mother called me at work the next day, laughing hysterically, she said, “Wanda, Stevie saw a bug in the kitchen, pointed it out and said, ‘Damn bug grandma; damn bug!’”I was embarrassed that he said that in front of my mother but it was a lesson in being careful what you say in front of your children.

Our children are our legacy.  They will do and say what they see us do and say.  What do you want the future to look like and sound like?  I know that I don’t want the world to believe that bugs are named “damn” no matter how often it is spoken in households across the country.

Society is becoming more accepting of profanity than ever.  Physical fights are all the rage on social media.  Public sexual acts from young to old is becoming the norm for viewing.  We have forgotten what God expects of little gods.  We are to have a sense of integrity, morality and compassion, anything other than this leaves our future in a precarious situation.  Will the world see us as wild animals or savages?  Is this what they see now?

There are some who will not care about the legacy they leave because they feel that they will not be around in the future.  Decadent behavior will take the world into chaos, you will see hell on earth.

Let us teach our children well, giving them a better example of adulthood.  Let them know that a place of employment will not accept profanity or lude actions.  It may mean that you have to bring yourself under this discipline.

Do what you need to do so that we can see a future of people who espouse wisdom and love in thought, word and deed.