I was 14 years old and a virgin.  My mom took me to a follow-up appointment for an infection.  She was called out of the room to complete paperwork and the nurse was called out too, even though the rule was a minor had to have an adult in the examination room besides the doctor.  But there I was alone with the doctor.  He said it would not take long, he just wanted to make sure the infection had cleared.  He told me to bend over the table, I did.  Then something was inserted inside of me; it was uncomfortable.  I tried to turn around but was held down and reassured it would not be uncomfortable long.  I had no idea about sex.  I did not realize something wrong happened until my mom and I were in the parking garage and the doctor was going to his car.  He looked at me and winked.  I had a feeling of discomfort, felt dirty knowing that something wrong had occurred.  No, I did not tell my mom.

New York activist, Tarana Burke, started the MeToo Movement in 2006.  I have mixed reactions about the Movement.  The only one in jail is Bill Cosby but Harvey Weinstein is still free…why?  Matt Lauer is still free…why? The MeToo Movement is long overdue as women have been treated as objects for centuries and finally men are speaking out as well.  Another challenge I have is women who lie about rape making it difficult for women who actually experienced rape.  There are even women who feel “that is just what men do”. This is one of those enough is enough moments.  I am grateful to Ms. Burke but I would love to see all those guilty of rape go to jail.  Rape is not sex, it is abuse.  We must never just shrug our shoulders saying, “well, that’s just how it is”.  It should not be.

Women raising sons should teach them about respecting women.  I used to tell the young men that I counseled that they should not do anything that they would not want done to their mothers.  It made them cringe and think twice.  I shared my stories with them and their response was silence.

MeToo’s time has come and we must never be silent.