Standing in Tony’s takeout eatery in DC, it was so crowded.  A local walked in with a dog…a dog, in an eatery.  Then, a man and woman got into a loud altercation that put many of us on edge.  These days people shoot instead of having a civil conversation.  The eatery is a tight space, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide if the argument escalated.  The woman left fussing, the man stood in place for a moment and then he exited but later returned.  In the edginess of this moment, I sat in a corner praying, “Peace be still.  Peace, love and light in this place.”  I prayed and prayed… “Peace be still”. 

There is a cultural shift taking place in the world and unless you lean and depend on God; this world will be hard to take.  The peace that we need begins inside of our minds and hearts.  When we stay in God’s perfect peace it can transfer to others.  Let’s face it, there will be those who refuse to see the need for peace, love or the light of Christ.  So many people are in psychological pain and don’t have the strength to fight against the lows of life.  All we can do is pray fervently and express the peace of God to the best of our ability because the only one we are responsible for is ourselves.

In your goings and comings, be alert, be wise, discern your surroundings and those around you while expressing, “Peace be still”.


Faith is Believing when common sense tells you not to!