Reverend Wanda C. Outlaw

A native of Washington, D.C., a 64-year old mother and grandmother.  Pastor of NE Imani Fellowship, an outreach ministry.  Outreach includes dispensing bibles on the avenue in NE DC also offering prayer and spiritual coaching.  The Socks ‘N Sandwiches Project is a homeless ministry.  Volunteers go out in the winter nights handing out items of warmth, sandwiches, water and bibles.

Reverend Outlaw breathes to write.  It began with poetry at 15 years old.  She read her poetry at different venues throughout the DMV.  She began writing self-help/spiritual books out of her desire to encourage people as well as being a living commercial for God.  As a published author her books include: “In The Fulfillment”, “Three Mountains and A Voice”, “It Began with a Prayer”, “Wall of Hope” and the latest book, “god chronicles…the collection”.

Wanda worked in the federal government for 37 years…she is a national motivational speaker and trainer. She has presented workshops at the Office of Personnel Management, Federal Communications Commission, Department of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and General Services Administration. Her workshops include self-esteem, telephone techniques, individual development planning, stress management, team building, attitude adjustment, and professional image. She has designed and presented workshops for FEW (Federally Employed Women Executives) entitled, “Diamonds Are Forever” and “A Career of a Lifetime”.

Ms. Outlaw attended Trinity College majoring in Human Relations and minoring in Theology.

Reverend Outlaw’s ministry motto is “learn the Word to become the Word”.